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Bryan brings more than ten years of experience as a leader in analytics and product management, and his advice and guidance are often sought by companies which hope to build out analytics programs.

Consumer Science & Innovation Analytics
Bryan is an expert in the field of innovation analytics, having “written the book” on A/B testing (quite literally; he helped to write this book on A/B testing).  In addition, he designed, led, implemented, and managed the Netflix-internal A/B testing analysis platform and test administration services.  He is also an expert in new metric development, including the ever-important development of confidence intervals for complex metrics.

Consumer Research
Bryan”s data science journey began in consumer research, and though he eventually broadened his focus to general analytics and data science, he recognizes the value Consumer Research can add to the insights found from user-generated Consumer Science data.

Analytics Product Management
Bryan took the nascent, manual practice that was A/B testing at Netflix and transformed it into a well-oiled, automated software suite capable of scaling infinitely with the number of innovation projects.  Additionally, because “build” isn”t always the right answer to “build vs. buy,” he has overseen the implementation of Web Analytics SaaS products for various eCommerce and content websites.

Building Data-Driven Organizations
Bryan is adept at helping senior leaders to organize their company for data-driven success.  Quite often, leaders “don”t know what they don”t know,” and Bryan has helped these leaders figure out how to integrate vast amounts of data with global business strategy.


  • Manager, Analytics Innovation | Netflix
  • Sr. Data Scientist | Netflix
  • Chief Strategy Officer |
  • Adjunct Faculty  (Statistics in MBA program) | Boise State University


  • M.S. Statistics | Baylor University
  • B.S. Marketing (Marketing Research) | Louisiana State University
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