What We Do
We have one core belief: data must support intelligent action. Our mission is equally simple: deliver the analytics and data tool-sets needed to make calculated, aggressive, intelligent business decisions.

You know intelligent data is your master key to staying relevant and ahead of the competition. You need data-driven tool-sets to identify emerging disruptions, quantify advantages, calculate risk, track trends, capitalize on real-time opportunities, and predict outcomes. Building these tool-sets is our mission, our worldview, our essence. From data warehousing to descriptive and predictive models, we offer pragmatic cutting-edge accurate solutions.

Analytics & Reporting
We specialize in unbiased, third-party analytics and data audits. We have one goal: to mold your data into useable, actionable power.

Undoubtedly, you’ve realized that you can’t always rely on internal reports to give you a full unbiased perspective. Stakeholders present data in one form – the form most flattering to them. Additionally, they often lack the data science background to ensure results’ integrity. In short, you may not be getting what you think you’re getting, let alone what you need.

Let us give you a clear, accurate, complete, and unbiased view of your opportunities, risks and progress.

Data Warehousing
Let us build you a mighty fortress of blended data – all coming together to give you instant access to pre-defined, agreed upon KPIs and supporting metrics.

Of course, being dataformed requires cross-departmental agreement on the meaning and calculation of core metrics. It also requires a powerful, scalable data warehouse to store, calculate and distribute these metrics with speed, accuracy and role-appropriate access.

Our team of data architects and engineers will deliver the reporting tools you need to track and compare performance trends with single source stability.

You want anywhere, anytime access to your most valuable KPIs? Of course you do. You want accurate and timely data displayed in roll-appropriate, web-available, mobile-friendly dashboards? We’ve got you covered.

Dashboards are simply the culminating view of underlying data infrastructure and cultural commitment to making dataformed decisions.

We’ll summarize, extrapolate and present insights to you with simplicity, beauty and clarity. Having the data you need, when you need it, wherever you are is the essence of being dataformed.

We build powerful data-scraping toolsets that allow you to aggregate disparate data sources from third-party vendors, public domain records, governments, and even competitive intelligence resources.

Of course, part of setting you up with a solid data warehouse and dashboard is automation.   Don’t waste any more time waiting for reports to be generated.

Man hours spent collecting data is most often a wasted expense. The result is time spent by employees and managers “working” on reports, instead of capitalizing on business development or process improvement.

With automated data aggregation in place, you can collect and store all the data you need with triggered algorithms and tools – freeing up your department heads to review performance indicators.

Machine Learning
Be at the forefront of business innovation with highly accurate predictive models

You hear it constantly – artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, neaural networks – and know you should be incorporating the latest that the intersection of mathematics, statistics, computer science, and business needs has to offer, but how?

Wether you need to predict the likelihood of a default on a loan, classify an image, or build a product recommendation system – we’ve got you covered. At DataFormed, we have a wealth of highly skilled team members implementing predictive models for some of the largest companies across the globe.

Meet The Team

Jeff Edwards
Jeff EdwardsFounder & Data Scientist
VP, Data Science | MarketDial
Sr. Manager, Data Science | Boncom
MS, Predictive Analytics | Northwestern University
BS, Business Management | Utah Valley University
Frank Romagosa
Frank RomagosaMarket Research Advisor
Director, Market Research | iCrossing
Lecturer | Princeton University
PhD, Anthropology | University of Chicago
AB, Anthropology | Princeton University
Bryan Gumm
Bryan GummData Science Advisor
Head of Analytics | PhotoBox
Manager, Innovation Analytics | Netflix
Sr. Data Scientist | Netflix
Chief Strategy Officer | Bodybuilding.com
MS, Statistics | Baylor University
BS, Marketing | Louisiana State University
KC Kern
KC KernData Scientist
Data Scientist | Samsung Electronics
Technology Consultant | Accenture
MBA | Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
BS, Information Systems | Brigham Young University
Scott Murff
Scott MurffQuantitative Modelor
Associate, Analytics | McKinsey & Company
VP, Quantitative Modeling | Zions Bancorportation
MS, Management Science & Engineering | Stanford University
BS, Economics | Brigham Young University
Jacob Miller
Jacob MillerData Strategist & Process Engineer
Lecturer, Analytics & Finance | Southern Utah University
Turnaround Manager | Hertz
MBA, Analytical Consulting | Northwestern University
BS, Economics | Southern Utah University
Bob Bodily
Bob BodilyResearcher & Data Scientist
Senior Data Scientist | Lumen Learning
Data Scientist | MarketDial
PhD, Instructional Technology | Brigham Young University
BS, Neuroscience | Brigham Young University

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